BEWARE Of Karaoke Apps Like Smule As You Might Encounter A Sex Offender!

Smule community is full of open hearted singers, and sex offenders know how to slow play their victims until they are ready for the ripe. Likewise, the internet is full of articles about karaoke apps like Smule and that have all sorts of psychos, pedophiles, and lunatics who demand nude photos, boob shows, or any kind of sexual acts. Recently, my friend was sexually harassed by a Smule user (under the pretext of love) so bad that she had almost quit Smule and ended up visiting a psychiatrist.

How a Smule user was sexually harassed on the app?

A woman joined Smule and got attracted to this handsome man with a melodious voice. He was a very charming person and a sweet talker. She started to interact with him and they got along very well. After a few days, he confessed his love for her. He is married but had compatibility issues with his wife. He claimed to have fallen in love with her affectionate and caring nature and if things go well, he would like to settle down with her in the future. My friend believed him and fell neck deep in love with him. At first, he demanded that she must sex chat with him, to which she agreed because she was afraid of losing him. However, one day he asked her to share her nude pics with him and demanded that she does nude video calls with him to remain as his lover. She said a straight 'No' as any sane person would do and he immediately broke up with her. Read the full story here.I know of many users who have gotten emotionally involved and end up hurt or screwed over or completely fooled by a fellow Smule user.

Similar incidents on Smule

A couple of days back I also read an article about this 35-year-old married woman hanged herself from the ceiling of her house in Bangalore after her singing partner on Smule reportedly started avoiding her after the couple fought. Recently the TikTok girl committed suicide and 59 apps were banned in IndiaI wonder why Smule is not on that list.


Last year Smule allowed discreet messaging and Live shows. After this incident with my friend, I reached out to a few female Smule users to ask if they knew anything about these sexual harassment stories. I was surprised to get these amazing responses from these wonderful ladies.

"Changed my account multiple times to get away. But the people somehow found me out even when I didn’t sing with the same set of people."

"I too suffered a serious case of cyber bullying/stalking on the app and it extended to my Facebook and then to my real life!" 

"Apparently my stalker read this post and he hit my Smule friend list with a vengeance, destroying my sing relations."

"Smule is a very very dangerous place. We are dealing with real people here and there is a fine line that can get crossed even before we know."


I came across this forum which discusses why many talented singer are abandoning Smule.


One very popular Smule user told me that some of these Live shows function like Live Sex rooms. They also told me that many women have used Live shows and Open Mic VOC's to tell people about how they were sexually harassed by certain Smule users. 

It appears that Smule doesn't have any control over these users and we don't know how much actions were taken against them. You are responsible for your own safety on Smule. I wish these perverts and sex addicts understand the psychological trauma this sort of a 'cyberbullying' can have on a woman. 


According to the SaferKid app rating, Smule as a dangerous app for children under the age of 18 as it involves risk of bullying, sexting, meeting strangers and adult content. Visit and you will come across so many negative reviews from parents on Smule.


What am I seeing? A dating profile on Smule inviting women to apply.

What can be done?

Nothing legally. She cannot report this matter to Smule because this guy initiated the conversation on Smule but asked my friend to move on to some other communication apps since the chat messages on Smule don't load properly. My friend opened a Line Id to chat with him and that's the first mistake she did. 

Now that I think about it, I feel that he pulled my friend out of the Smule platform. He might be an expert in this field and has done this to many girls before. He knew that if he demands nudity on Smule, she might report him. Everything happened outside of Smule so there is nothing that she can do now. Unfortunately, one can only BLOCK a fellow singer on Smule. Moreover, since your profile is never private, anybody can contact you directly through messaging. 

She doesn't want to malign him publically because she doesn't want to tarnish his reputation publically. She trusted him and ended up sharing her details such as her real name, mobile number, and social media profiles with him. This guy is bold and did not shy away from sharing his details with her. I don't think he cares about the repercussions or he is confident of getting away with this.

The Smule user wanted to delete her profile and never sign again. However, I don't think that she or anybody should act like a loser and a coward. She hasn't done anything wrong then why should she be the one to go hiding? The man should apologize to her for being disrespectful. Common, which man would like his lover to undress on the internet moreover when she was uncomfortable getting nude on camera? He never loved her to begin with. If he had met her in real life, he would have had sex with her and then dumped her. But that's my opinion! 

I wouldn't have even blocked the harasser on Smule. I would let him stay just like any other follower on the app. Please DO NOT leave the app or change your profile ID- continue singing. Maybe take a break if it is unbearable. 

STAYING TOUGH IS IMPORTANT. Share it with your family and friends. Seek their help. As a precaution, never communicate with any Smule user outside the app at any cost. Do not share your personal information such as your name, address, mobile number, social media profiles, etc. on your Smule profile or to any Smule user. You never know when a friend turns in to a foe.