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My Most Expensive - How I Think When It Comes To Buying Luxury Items

When a friend asked me to post an article on the most expensive things I own, I didn't like the idea of it. I believe this topic has been trending since last year where celebs, bloggers and influencers talk about the most expensive items they own.  I hate discussing these things because: A. I hate sharing anything personal. B. I find it very down market and vernacularly middle class to brag about personal possessions.  However, she finally convinced me to share it as a shopping experience about my regrets or things that I proudly own and feel happy about them. So here I go, trying my best to put my thoughts together on how I make purchase-decisions with a hope that it will help you avoid overspending on luxury items. First and foremost, unless you are super-rich, buying luxury items on EMI or outside your means and going bankrupt is stupid.  Everything I buy, I consider it as an 'investment'.  I don't consider shopping as therapeutic nor does it give me any happiness.