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Coronavirus: Stranded In The US? All You Need To Do To Extend Your Stay Hassle-Free

My parents have come to visit me in February 2020 and they are supposed to return to India in May 2020. We all know that there is a lockdown till 12th April 2020 in India and 30th April in the US- we don't know if these dates are going to be extended. As on today traveling is UNCERTAIN. So, what options are available if they have to  extend  their stay? Change of Flight Tickets Most airlines have begun changing their policies to create more flexibility for changing bookings. So, if you’re planning — or have already scheduled — a trip for the near future then, depending upon the airline, here are your options:  You can cancel the ticket.   Some airlines are offering   e-credit (e.g. Delta airlines), while some are letting you cancel the ticket  without having to commit to a new flight date right away (e.g. Lufthansa) .  In case you want a full cash refund, I would suggest that you wait up to 72 hours before your flight. In the meanwhile, if the airlines changes the fli

Coronavirus: Should You Go See The Cherry Blossoms In DC This Weekend?

The Yoshino cherry blossoms are heading towards full bloom. In a normal year about 1.5 million visitors will congregate around the Tidal Basin area to witness this event. However, this year due to the coronavirus crisis, local agencies and health officials are discouraging crowds and recommending that any visitors maintain a safe distance.  This can be disheartening for a lot of people, especially if you have been planning this for a long time or traveling from afar.  So, this leads to the million dollar question: Is it safe to visit the Tidal Basin to see the  cherry blossoms ? Tidal Basin is open and accessible for strolling and walking. However, t he National Park Service has placed placards around the Tidal Basin warning visitors about the dangers of coronavirus during peak bloom this Saturday (03.21.2020) .  “Although the park is not closed, we encourage all visitors, particularly the most vulnerable, including the elderly and people with underlying conditi

Coronavirus: No Toilet Paper? No Problem! Go the Indian-Way!

Empty shelves at Safeway in Baltimore. Empty shelves? Well, I am getting used to it now. But, I just don't understand why people are hoarding toilet paper rolls. Are they thinking that the coronavirus will enter through their anus? While that can be true, the virus can enter through any opening of your body, it still doesn't justify why everyone is particularly going crazy over this one item: toilet paper. Is it peer or fear pressure? No, its a REAR pressure! LOL! As clearly evidenced in this video, people are struggling to find toilet paper after demand exploded amid the coronavirus crisis.  The solution to this problem is very simple-  JUST ADOPT THE INDIAN TOILET ETIQUETTE .  Indian's have been washing their butts with water since the beginning of time. This method is very hygienic and environmentally friendly. As it is WHO recommends washing hands with water and soap. So, why not adopt the same technique for washing your butt? It is more effective t