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Voluntary COVID-19 Test For Travelers Traveling Outside The US

My parents are traveling back home to India and one of the requirements for exempting them from institutional quarantine is to submit an RT-PCR negative report upon arrival in India. There are two types of COVID tests- the RT-PCR test is a lab test where results typically take 2-3 days while the Rapid test has the same-day result. The COVID test can also be taken at the airport upon arrival in India. However, you will have to make an appointment and wait for at least 8-10 hours at the airport until your test results arrive. That makes me think that they will probably be doing a Rapid Test since you have already arrived in India as opposed to their requirement of RT-PCR test before boarding the flight. To avoid the long wait time for the test result, we decided to get it done from here so that they had head back straight home after the long 24 hours journey. I live in Maryland and there are a lot of sites where one can get a COVID test done. Link here: https://coronavirus.baltimorec