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Sexting With A Married Person: Is It Cheating?

Yes, it is cheating if you are sexting with someone other than your significant other or your committed partner! While many of you may not agree with me because you are not practically doing anything in reality. I agree with it to some extent especially if you are sexting with someone you are committed to a relationship or you are casually seeing someone and aren't committed in a relationship then maybe it is not cheating. However, if you are committed to a relationship, then it is cheating, buddy!  My friend recently met this guy on a social media app and started talking to him. His great sense of humor immediately caught her attention. After a few interactions, this guy asked her,  "What is your viewpoint on lovemaking. You are married, right? So, that makes you experienced in this regard."  This was a first warning sign and she should have cut the conversation then and there. Unfortunately, she didn't.  This guy apologized for his behavior and said that

That Fine Line Between True Love or Timepass In Online Dating

I have recently joined a social networking app and one of my followers has sent me this message,  "I met a woman on this app and we started dating each other a month ago. I even got naked on camera for her. However, when I told her that I am seriously in love with her, she said that she is married and after that, she has blocked me on the app's messenger. I still love her and I am clueless about how she could do this to me?" Another follower said,  "I am married and have a child. I don't have a good married life and my wife and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for the past two years. In the past seven years, I couldn't recognize my wife very well. " In the above examples, it is possible that you  believe  their story and develop sympathy for such a person that might eventually translate into falling in love. CAUTION!!  I don't know if the first guy was lying or not as I have no idea about his real identity. However, I was able to tr